Monday, May 23, 2011

Funny Things.

My children are slowly but surely driving me insane. They do have a few redeeming qualities that I want to mention lest they grow up not getting that mama's blog is meant to be funny, not mean.

Right now I can hear Lolo watching Dora the Explorer. When the cartoon characters ask aloud: "Do YOU like to sing?" I hear her little voice respond "Uh-huh!" It's hilarious.

Lilly has recently picked up the word "awkward". She uses it for everything - except things that are actually awkward. I'm generally amused but I'm only allowing her to use once a day after hearing her drop it like a swear forty times this past weekend.

We had pretty strong weather when we celebrated my sister's college graduation. At one point the whole party had to rush under the tent as rain and hail began to pour from the sky. Lilly didn't mind and ran headlong into the storm screaming "it's raining ICE CUBES!"

I scold Lilly. Lilly scolds Lolo. Lolo scolds the cat. HA!

I guess these are the kind of things that keep me from dropping them off alone at the bus station.