Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Long Overdue Rant

So I'm turning 35 on Friday. I actually forgot how old I was - I've been mistakenly telling everyone that I'll be 36. How and why would a person forget how old they are. Dementia? Sort of...

Lilly turned six.
Lolo turned 2.75.

There is definitely more than one blogs worth of stuff here so I'll summarize with a few blog post titles that would make awesome rants.

*Husband dropped his phone in sink a.k.a Sharing a Cell Phone.
*No one in my home knows how to flush a toilet.
*Why do sound/motion activated noise-making toys never seem to wear out of batteries?
*Refrigerator light bulb burned out.
*Above stove light burned out.
*Republicans are oblivious.
*Our family van is falling apart.
*I am not an accountant.
*My home is the Money Pit.
*We can't afford a vacation.
*Dad, you thought I'd agree to let you take my girls out-of-town on Thanksgiving?
*Fender bender in my driveway.
*Lactose intolerance.
*Cat yak.
*Remembering when I used to get "my hairs did".
*Halloween: Sugar is evil and should be a controlled substance for kids under 18!