Sunday, June 5, 2011

I love my little girls, really I do. But after what they put me through this weekend...they are lucky there is no "people pound" or they might've gotten the boot!

Here are the highlights:

Friday afternoon - discover an entire bag of goldfish crackers spilled and crushed into the bedroom carpet. While cleaning stumble upon the cat covered in body wash. Have to "wash" said cat in the shower. Meanwhile, baby escapes the house in the nude and goes streaking around the backyard.

EARLY Saturday morning - wake up to find baby in my bed. Roll over and sink my hand into a pile of sleeping baby poo; have to clean her, change sheets, and remake bed all between 3 and 5 a.m.

Saturday night - finally get a break. Enjoying wine and marshmallows (don't judge me!) outside in front of fire with hubby. Go inside to refill my glass and slip on the kitchen floor, falling and bashing my still healing knee that I fell on this winter. Discover "someone" has sprayed COOKING SPRAY all over the floor.

Sunday morning - while attending mass all appears to be calm until 5 yr old tries to balance on the kneeler and brings it crashing down into my shin. Later she also runs across my bare foot with shoes on.

Conclusion: I blew my calories this weekend with stress eating and drinking. But really, after reading this, can you blame me?