Monday, December 19, 2011

It's Beginning to Stress A Lot Like Christmas...

My first Christmas post. Things are as usual, crazy around here. This year is extra special because Grandma is leaving to visit Auntie in Kansas for the holiday and that leaves just Grandpa here for the festivities. If your family is like mine, Grandma is what makes Christmas happen. She does the biggest tree, she bakes the cookies, she plans the meal, she's had the grand-kids presents wrapped and squirreled away since September. Grandpa's contribution usually includes some especially boozy eggnog and maybe stringing lights on the front of the house. So this year if we want to have that magical special warm and fuzzy Xmas, its up to me. Great timing too considering things have been slow at our business so guess who has not got any presents wrapped or squirreled away? Yup, moi. I think some re-gifting will be in order. As for cookies, I have agreed to try gingerbread men for our 6 yr old. So far, I'm out of eggs and need to borrow a cookie cutter. But we will persevere. Instead of a big holiday feast like Grandma would do, I'm thinking i'll make a one dish meal - maybe a festive Christmas lasagna! Oh how the smell of slow roasted lasagna filling the house will surely put everyone in the proper spirit! I did manage to get a tree up. Mind you it's a Walmart special - prelit for $40 - but hey with all of the ornaments and a couple of glasses of Pinot Noir in you, no one's going to complain. So to wrap up, Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is some prescription muscle relaxers, a good bottle of wine, and maybe a moment of Zen if you can find one for me in this chaos. Thanks and God Bless, The Omahamama

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