Tuesday, January 25, 2011


There is no food that my kids seem to go gaga over more than yogurt. This is good because it is healthy. This is also bad because they are sneaky little monkeys who will sniff out any container like a K-9 unit. I have to hide it in the darkest recesses of the refrigerator lest it gets eaten all on the day I buy it. 

So the 5 yr old (not pictured since she was the offender) who was just "not feeling up to dinner" (big eye roll), disappears afterward mumbling something about getting socks for her feet. Fifteen minutes later I am hollering up the stairs to figure out what she is really up to. Finally I hear feet on the stairs when here she comes trying to sneak past me with an OPEN yogurt container before asking "can I have this?" No, the rule is, refusal to eat dinner means, NO snacks! I won't  bore you with all of the details but you can surely guess that there was a lot of whining, pouting, and foot stomping which eventually lands her an early bedtime. When I come back into the room, here is what I find:

Well, she did eat her supper at least.

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