Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Angst or at Least I Think So

Okay Big O, I've survived 34 years of pain and misery here like most of us but I am sick and tired of being your bitch. I just read somewhere that the key to success is determination and the key to determination is motivation. So, I am super motivated to move right now. I can't handle this town anymore. I am in the minority in my politics, my ethnicity (by marriage), my socio-economy, and my dislike of the local favorite sporting team.

When we moved to this little Bohemian neighborhood, I was excited. It's way more diverse than the area I grew up in, the neighbors were mostly blue collar but nice, and there seemed to be a active spirit about the place. But after this recession and the city government failing to keep promises, I am just done. There is nowhere in this city or even state that interests me and though my extended family is all here, I am frigging desperate to get out of this place.

Did I mention I hate the climate too? Now, I just need to figure out how to get out of my home and get on the road. C'mon, I gave it my best shot, now give me a break!

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