Thursday, February 17, 2011

Am I Blowing It?

Everyone has heard that there was a time in the distant past where life was simpler, kids had manners, couples lived happily ever after...I think it might have been in a Disney flick. But seriously, even I remember as a kid I knew what I could get away with and what I could not. I might have daydreamed about my parents crying their eyes out when I was found and taken away by my REAL (royal) family or them beating themselves up when I went blind from some punishment I thought was terrifically unfair, but I never cussed my mom or slammed a door in my dad's face (until I was at least a high schooler)!

So I guess I don't know what I am doing wrong then? I don't get why my girls are so sassy and disobedient. Am I that bad of a mom? Let me tell you, aside from a few spankings, these kids worst punishment is no TV. Yet nothing seems to have a lasting impact. It's like trying to train retarded puppies. The word NO has lost it's punch a long time ago. Today I had to scream like a maniac in my driveway as the toddler went walking toward the street, but not before looking over her shoulder to give me a knowing smile. Yeah, she heard me telling her no and kept on going. Then later as I was passing out dinner dishes, the preschooler snatched her bowl out of my hand because she was mad that I was going to turn off her program. Seriously! I lost it. You would too, don't lie.

So far we've not had any trips to the principal's office, but in checking my daughters "take home" folder, there was a note regarding parent-teacher conferences. Apparently Spring conferences are voluntary so you don't need to schedule one unless you want to. Or unless the teacher specifically requests one. Guess which category we suddenly fall in?

-Mama B

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